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Mountainview Family,   

There’s a reason I’ve been talking a lot about our next series, Monsters in the Closet. While I/we expect that God will work in our lives through every message series we bring, we believe this series will have even more meaning and impact…if we all do our part, because it’s going to be a group effort.  

People around us are lost. They need to find hope. The monsters in their lives have become walls…walls without doors. They need to see and feel the hope we have. They need to find The Door. The Way out. The Way up. They need to know about The One, whose Name is Jesus. These people are our families, co-workers, neighbors, and friends. With the blessing of the Holy Spirit, we can deliver some timely answers through this series to replace their monsters with the hope of Jesus Christ.    

Will you join us? Will you participate during this series by praying with us for God to do amazing work in the lives of people? Will you consider hosting a group of 2-4 or 8-10 people for six weeks? If you are currently in a Grow Group, will you consider taking your group through our fully-prepared Monsters in the Closet small group material for six weeks? If you are interested in knowing more, please go to our website, or find Pastor Craig on Sunday.

This Sunday we will be wrapping up our current series, The Battle Within, with a message I hope you will find both encouraging and challenging. Please join us in person or online at 9 or 10:40 am.  

I hope you have been joining many others who have been praying every day. If you’ve missed this discussion, then let me briefly challenge you. Using Matthew 6:33 as our primary verse, we are asking everyone to set an alarm at either 6:33 AM or 6:33 PM (or both) to pray… Pray that you will seek first the Kingdom of God. Ask Him to reveal how He is working in you and around you. Ask Him how you can join Him in this work.  

Being a part of the Kingdom of God means something. God, through Jesus, has changed us. He’s made us new. He’s given us a new name. Since our identity is different from the world’s, our lives are also different… The Gospel changes lives—here and now! This means we live to build and grow God’s kingdom further. We live to make the world a better place. This is what loving God and loving our neighbor is all about.   

What would our city look like if every Christian did what we could do to make a difference in God’s Kingdom on earth?  

Grace & Peace,

Pastor Tom