Left to Right as pictured:

Steve Muma, Tanney Staffenson, Dick Carroll,  Mike Pflaum

Tom Santillanes, Steve Morrow, Scott Leithem

Jack Kennedy, Dave Lane, Arnie Lopez, John Pertl

We are committed to following the New Testament model of church leadership and practices. Very early in the formation of the local church, Paul appoints elders to lead the fledgling churches in each town (Acts 20:28). James later gives validity to eldership in James 5:14 and Paul eventually provides character traits for elders in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

In short, Elders lead the Church in carrying out its mission of affecting life change through Belonging, Growing and Serving.

As shepherds, our elder’s work falls into four categories: protect, care, lead and govern.

Elders examine and protect our doctrine as well as the operations of the Church, ensuring that our teachings are biblical and our public practices reflect well on Jesus. They provide encouragement and care for members by visiting the sick, praying with individuals facing difficulty, and reaching out in love to those who have strayed. As an integral part of our leadership team, Elders promote an effective Mission and Vision, support and supervise our Pastoral Staff, and encourage unity and spiritual maturity within the body. They are also involved in governing the Church by determining good stewardship practices, including overseeing financial and human resources in a manner that is prudent and honors God.

Candidates are nominated by members of the church and go through a rigorous nomination and interview process. Confirmed candidates serve a 4-year term.