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Mountainview Family, 


I hope you will plan to join us this Sunday. While I get excited every time we gather, I think I’m twice as excited this week! Seriously, you don’t want to miss what we have planned… We’ll be celebrating some special accomplishments at Mountainview over the last two years. Some of our extended church family will join us, and we’ll have the chance to serve in a beautiful and unique way. Join us at 9 or 10:40…



Mother’s Day should be a joyous day. For many moms, it’s a day filled with warm hugs, fond memories, and more, but for others, a dark cloud hangs over the day. I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the many realities of Mother’s Day.


To those who gave birth this year, we celebrate with you. To those who lost a child this year, we mourn with you. To those who are trying to figure out life with a little one, we appreciate you. To those who have experienced a miscarriage, we grieve with you. To those who have walked the hard path of infertility, we walk with you. To foster moms, mentor moms and spiritual moms, thank you, we need you. To those who have warm and close relationships with your children, we celebrate with you. To those who have disappointment, heartache and distance from your children, we share your sorrow. To those who have lost their mothers this year, we grieve with you. To those who experienced abuse by your own mother, we hear you. To those who have lived through the testing of motherhood, like children’s medical tests, and teen children’s driving tests, we are better for having you in our lives. To those who have aborted children, we remember them and you. To those who are single and mothering your children on your own, you are not alone, we are with you. To step parents, we walk with you. To mothers who placed children for adoption, we commend you and hold your child in our hearts too. To those who are pregnant with new life, we anticipate with you. 


Highland Spring Concert

For several years now, we have partnered with Highland Elementary. As a church we have provided Christmas for families at Highland. Each August, we have helped prepare the school and grounds for the new school year. We’ve been a principal part of their Bag Buddies program, and we’ve provided help and support for their staff when called upon.


On Thursday, May 12th, we will be hosting Highland Elementary for their choir performance. Sure, we can provide space for them, but I think we can do much more. Here’s what we need in order to be a greater blessing for them…


We’d like to have 20 volunteers to be greeters/ushers. These volunteers need to arrive at 5:30 to be a friendly face at the door, pass out programs, and help the kids get to where they need to be, including off and on the stage. Will you help?


I also think we can surprise the Highland students, staff, parents, grandparents, and friends with cookies following the performance. We could have a total of 400-500 people, so we’ll need about 80 dozen cookies to pull this off…. The cookies need to be delivered to the church office by 3pm on Thursday. 


Thanks in advance for your help with this service opportunity for our community. 

If you can help in either of these ways, please sign up here: Highland Performance

2022-2023 Budget Planning

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve mentioned the use of our annual Budget Planning Card. If you haven’t filled out a card yet, please do so soon. Our financial planning team needs the information from these cards to determine a fairly accurate idea of what the church’s income will be for the upcoming fiscal year. 


I believe God wants to continue to use Mountainview to continue to have a life-changing impact in Gresham, East County, and beyond. With His blessing, our active participation, and good stewardship, that impact can be magnified…  


This is my prayer for all of us. I’ve been asking God to help those of us who haven’t been giving to take a step toward giving now. I’ve been asking Him to help some of you plan to give the same amount as you have in the past, even though the economy has hit your wallet. I’ve been asking Him to bless all of us so our generosity may be unleashed…so our answer will be a resounding “YES” when He asks us to meet a need or accomplish something that seems impossible (because nothing is impossible with God).  


Thank you to all who consider Mountainview their church for communicating with our Finance Team. If you haven’t done it yet, please use the link below. This confidential form and the information will only be used for planning purposes. If you prefer, paper cards are available in the office or as you exit the worship center on Sunday morning.  


2022 Budget Planning Card Link


Again, Happy Mother’s Day!


Grace & Peace,

Pastor Tom