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Last week I began reading through the Gospel of John again. I love the latter part of chapter 3, where John the Baptist points to Jesus as the Messiah. When John’s disciples questioned him about Jesus, he reminded them of what he had said earlier, “I am not the Christ,” and then described himself as “...the friend of the bridegroom”.   

John the Baptist had moved his location to a place where water was plentiful. It was the same place where Jesus and His disciples were also baptizing. Soon John’s disciples began complaining that Jesus and His disciples were getting too much attention, they said, ”...all are going to him.” They wanted to know how this Jesus person fit into their program.  John doesn’t take the bait.   

John the Baptist said, 

He must increase, but I must decrease. John 3:30  

John the Baptist’s point-blank statement is a great example of humility. He knew God. He understood his role. When his followers pushed him to seek greater attention and popularity, he chose humility. What John showed is something we need to understand and practice. Knowing God and abiding in Him leads to humility. Humility is in us when we know Who God is and who we are (and aren’t).   

I’ve also been reading a book by A.W. Tozer, The Purpose of Man: Designed to Worship. When I see a major coincidence in two separate places I’m reading on the same day, it’s safe to assume that Someone is trying to get my attention...   

This is what Tozer wrote: “Worship is to feel in the heart and express in some appropriate manner a humbling but delightful sense of admiring awe. Worship will humble a person as nothing else can. The egotistical, self-important man cannot worship God any more than the arrogant devil can worship God. There must be humility in the heart before there can be worship.“  

Wow! Reading these two things in one day hit me hard! All week I’ve been asking… Am I overwhelmed by “admiring awe” and wonder of God? Am I seeking to honor God in humble worship? Or am I seeking to increase my own personal influence and admiration from people?   

What about you?  

Grace & Peace, 

Pastor Tom