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Last Sunday I talked about how we live in a multi-generational world. I tried to emphasize that each generation in God’s family must seek to be good examples and good trainers for the next generation. I believe we have started this work, but we must make sure we follow through, or the next generation(s) will suffer.    

We looked at the way Elijah prepared Elisha (2nd Kings 2) to take the baton and fill his place as God’s prophet. We also talked about how Moses mentored Joshua so he would be able to lead God’s chosen people into the promised land. Before that, Exodus 18 describes how Moses was mentored by Jethro, his father-in-law, in leading and judging Israel.   

In all of these Old Testament cases, there was listening, learning, life sharing, and relationship. I believe the church of today and tomorrow must get back to this model, or the church will not survive.  

At Mountainview, we have Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials (Gen Y) and Gen Z. One of the greatest challenges being passed through each of these generations is individualism, which takes several forms, the most obvious of which is an “It’s my life! I don’t need you, so stop trying to tell me what to do!” attitude. Authority and institutions are distrusted and even undermined. Unfortunately, each of these generations has decided to look out for themselves and rejected the idea of mentoring. As if this weren’t enough, looking out for number one has become even easier, since advancements in technology have nearly everyone staring at screens. The internet provides instantaneous access to information, almost always without the benefit of added good judgment. Outrage is at an all-time high — everyone feels the need to speak out about everything…   

I believe deeply that each generation needs one another. It is best if the baton is passed, not dropped. Who is your Moses, Joshua, or Elisha? What can you do to prepare the next generation to take your baton?  

Grace & Peace,

Pastor Tom